Centos dynamic dns not updating Dirty talk web chat

This page describes using and configuring DHCP for IPv4 (DHCPv4) and IPv6 (DHCPv6) to enable automatic updating of both the forward and reverse mapping zone file.

Acknowledgment: Much of the info here is extracted from the ddclient home page.Due to this flexibility, ddclient can be used in almost any possible network configuration.ddclient is a Perl based script, and as such should be runnable on any system that supports Perl. This includes all Linux, Unix and BSD variants, including Mac OS X.The default profile suggests that these files should be put in /var/lib/bind.If you have followed the steps in my previous post you might have your zone database files in /etc/bind/zones.We will start by copying the files so we have a backup remaining if anything goes wrong: 1.1 Copy the zone database files: We now need to add the key to the bind configuration and tell it what zones that we want it to allow updates on.

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