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otherwise, I will just go through my day never engaging in's as if I'm floating through existing rather than living and engaging.Forums can be a good place to get information, ask for advice, share your tips, get support, and much more.The best forums even offer expert opinions and have ADHD doctors and ADHD treatment professionals on hand to lend their knowledge and experience.In addition, some folks are isolated geographically or socially, and may not have ADHD support groups in their area. Also, it is empowering to engage with others who are experiencing the same challenges as you. There is strength in numbers, and it is a relief to know that you are not alone.And with the invention of the internet, there is literally a whole world of potential support and resources at your disposal.

Yes, there probably are some individuals who have received medication when some other treatment might have been better.

that I like because I resist doing anything that requires sustained mental effort.

As much as love reading, it is the hardest thing in the world for me to do.

So I can see how this could have a good positive impact on your daughter's grades.

My concern for myself is the weight gain but I am middle aged so I can't keep it off the way a teenager can.

I also like meditating but it is so difficult with adhd until about 5 years ago. I am on meds, but it still causes problems for me at work (teacher) and in my relationships (fiancé). who have adhd and if you experience other people getting frustrated with you. My problem , the biggest one is taking too long to do anything and everything.

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