Dating got her number what next


I’ve developed a simple and effective way for you to get a woman’s phone number every time.Try this the next time you’re out, and see how they help create a connection that will turn into a date. One of the biggest mistakes men make when getting phone numbers is waiting until they’re about to leave.Whenever Monday rolls around and I have a few new numbers to play with of girls I met at night, I make a prediction before contacting her whether I’ll get the first date or not.Doing this for several years has allowed me to pick out behaviors a girl does giving the number that hints towards if another meeting is going to happen. Did she ask for your number or Facebook before you asked first?Making that mental shift is the foundation of selecting women intelligently, and eventually crafting texts that will get her off of your phone and on a date with you.How to Get Her Number Every Time So, you want to learn how to text girls you just met.I told her we should hang out and go for coffee or something and she agreed and asked me if I was free next weekend. It won't hurt to talk over the phone but arrange the meeting. Please forget about any "2 day rule" or some other weird "don't do" advise.I told her I will be out of town so we should hang out sometime midweek. Initial dates can be more challenging if you haven't talked/Im'd a reasonable amount before hand, so you could use this as an opportunity to talk and get comfortable ( if she is willing). As far as I know, there's no precursor to phoning (e.g. If someone gives you their phone number, it's safe to call and silly not to. I personally hold off on giving my cell # to anyone on POF or RL and only when I'm positive there is potential - IMHO By delaying in calling her, it can appear that you're just another 'playa' or a 'flake' & can effect your first 'meet' - it doesn't matter if you are 22 or 44 or 50.

If she asks you for Facebook, she’s merely building a circle of admirers that will click the Like button when she posts whiny status updates or carefully selected photos.Before We Get Started: Quality Interactions Get Quality Numbers I talk to tons of guys who go out for the night and spend the evening trying to get as many numbers as they can. As with most valuable things in life, quality trumps quantity.You’re better off getting fewer phone numbers from women you’re having high-quality interactions with than playing the numbers game. So before we jump in, let’s keep this in mind: At the end of a night out, you’d rather go home with one exciting phone number than a phone filled with numbers you’d never go on dates with.If this has happened to you, you know how difficult, frustrating, and straight-up confusing it can be. In this piece, I’m going to introduce you to a simple system that any man can use.More often than not, this will dramatically increase her interest in you, starting with the very first text. Because you’re getting more numbers at the expense of better numbers.You’re out at a bar, and you meet an awesome new woman.

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