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I have also been able to find ways to save money in almost ANY budget category for our family, and for the family of those who I have coached.

I have found that most everyone has unique goals and aspirations for their life, but there are a LOT of commonalities for ways to reach those goals.

Come check it out, and PLEASE leave a comment with your thoughts and suggestions to create the Ideal Budget! The Smith family is your typical, American, single-income household, with 2 kids and a golden retriever. They feel a bit trapped by their income, and don’t know if they can ever really hit their goals.

Actually, let’s make that a labradoodle (this isn’t the 90’s! The Smiths have a 4 year old daughter, and a 2 year old son, and both just turned 30 themselves. Let’s look at the stats: Assets The sophisticated budgeter is going to use cloth diapers to save money, but the water will may be a bit higher than normal. With the help of e Meals meal planning, you can feed your family of four VERY WELL for 0 per month.

The following is a list of basic, essential things you might want to bring for your first year in college.

Some things may have been left out that you would find absolutely crucial, so do not take this list as complete or literal as it certainly is not limited.

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