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The internet doesn’t draw a majority of people who are happy.

In my journey to full understand the truth about relationships I have encountered men in real life and online who practice game and the bottom line is as clear as day: I’m a bit of a caveman like my self-professed redneck pal, Lloyd, when it comes to this whole internet business thing.

Lloyd runs a website on the internet but he is extremely new to the internet atmosphere as I am.

Lloyd is successful in real life far more than he is online.

Just look at the numbers: the Match Group, which owns more than 50 dating sites in 38 languages in 190 countries, including Ok Cupid, Tinder, and, claims to have upwards of 59 million active users, which is roughly equal to the population of the UK.

And while I am no stranger to apps (or hook-ups, for that matter) dating isn't dead just yet – it's just going through an identity crisis.

America’s sweethearts struggled with what it meant to love someone they had never actually met, but less than 20 years later, it’s no longer embarrassing to find a girlfriend online.

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