Errors while updating iphone 4


You should wait to upgrade to i OS 10 at least till they have fixed the major bugs, such bugs that makes your i Phone 6S/6/5S end up in repair store.Anyway, still plenty of people can't wait for i OS 10 updating on their i Phones so that they could brag about it right in front of their friends or colleagues.Before writing this article, I still don't suggest people to rush to update your i Phone, i Pad to i OS 10.Because when a new i OS version is released, there are always bugs and problems need to be fixed.The first -- and simplest -- method is to just do a direct update.You can do this by clicking on the update button on the device's information page in i Tunes, or just simply by letting i Tunes continue with an upgrade when it automatically detects that new software is available. Many users can easily be intimidated by this method, as at first glance, it infers that one might lose their settings or media if they restore their i Pod, rather than updating it.Because apparently, the i Phone 3G needs to be restored, rather than updated, for things to work properly.

If you are wanting to to the new software, then why am I talking about restoring?

It is believed that glitches and bugs inevitably exist!

And this article will introduce you some tips about how to resolve i Tunes error while restoring or upgrading i OS.

While the new i Pad models-i Pad Air 2 and i Pad mini 3 are the first Apple devices to come with i OS 8.1, the company has just released the latest i OS iteration for its i Phone, i Pad and i Pod touch models.

The update integrates a plethora of new features, improvement and fixes and the highly anticipated Apple pay support for i Phone 6 and i Phone 6 Plus, i Cloud Phone Library beta and support for SMS messaging on i Pad and Mac.

It is for you, the faithful Apple consumers whose upgrades have gone awry, that we post this little tidbit and attempt to help you maintain your sanity.

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