Female scarcasm about dating

I've been told I'm sarcastic, but I just call it an intolerance for stupidity.

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A sarcastic comment can be one of the best ice-breakers to start a conversation with a woman and it can also build and amplify attraction on a first date or later.They steer clear of a nagging, cut-throat, ruthless witch. If your date compliments you, a simple "thank you" will suffice. doll with the earring switch on the back of her neck? You have to learn to control your "gift" of mockery. If your new beau brings home chunky peanut butter instead of your preferred creamy Jif, gently correct him. She laughs like a hyena and made it clearly known that you aren't good enough to scoop up her Jack Russell's feces. YOU CAN PROVE A POINT WITHOUT SCREAMING IN TEXT MESSAGES. Telling him how well you can see his receding hair line while he's down on one knee with a little black box isn't cool. Learn to confidently say, Sarcastic ladies, your sense of humor isn't for wimps. We started talking and he asked, "How many kids do you have? Yeah, it seemed like a good idea at the time."The waiter stopped by to take our order and my date asked me, "Do you drink?" I answered with, "Did you not hear the part about 6 kids?I wish I could stand longer – it’s kinna fun.” The latter is likely to get a major giggle from a girl who can relate and who is equally frustrated with the same line and open a conversation. When you go out on a date, and a girl asks you “Do you bring all the girls on your first dates here?

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