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“All claims or allegations made by a person will first be thoroughly investigated to determine the veracity of the claim.

Suchst du einen Westernsattel, einen englischen Sattel, Reitstiefel oder eine Reitkappe?

This is due to the fact that it is all too easy to lose sight of the fact that many of these services are subscription based and the cost can quickly add up.

“There are strong provisions in the policy to protect civil servants and non-civil servants who deliver tips,” Mc Laughlin explains.

Other policies that will be implemented under the new Anti-Fraud Policy include the Code of Business Ethics and Conduct, Official Whistle-Blower Policy, Records and Information Management Policy and the Offering or Receiving Hospitality, Entertainment or Gifts Policy.

“We want to create and maintain a culture of honesty and high ethics, including the understanding and awareness of risks and controls,” Deputy Governor and Head of Civil Service, Franz Manderson said.

“We want to mitigate the risks and reduce the opportunities for fraud, as well as provide a platform for civil servants and members of the public to report an incident they feel is wrong.” The Code of Business Ethics and Conduct Policy is a general guide to acceptable and appropriate behavior in the workplace.

The Records Retention Policy establishes a governance framework around records retention, and defines how and when documents should be disposed of.

Grundlage des Programms sind folgende Überlegungen: II können sich insbesondere Verbände und Zusammenschlüsse der Urheber und Interpreten, intermediäre Akteure sowie Netzwerke des Kulturbereichs jederzeit erkundigen (ständiger Antragsaufruf) unter folgender e Mail-Adresse: [email protected]

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