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I've been looking for an answer to make all my other pages in the root directory(or outside of) to be checked against if a session has taken place or not.If not direct visitor back to (where login is, set in public_html). If so where would I put the "if no session redirect"?In summary, if you do not want to (or you cannot) change permissions on wp-content so your web server has write permissions, then add this to your file: Even though I had the correct permissions such that the web server could write to the plugins directory and wp-content directory, this setting fixed it so the admin did not prompt for the FTP/SFTP settings for updating plugins. You'll have to erase or comment out the define(' FS_METHOD','ftpext'); This might be particularly likely to happen if you've migrated from another server that required FTP.setting your wordpress as owned by apache is just as bad as setting 777.

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This method does not require you to have FTP/SFTP or SSH access, but it does require your to have specific file permissions set up on your webserver.

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