Is audrina still dating corey


Justin Bobby's Post-Hills Life Is Not Like His Costars': Pics, Video we uncovered four more reasons it's cool to be #teamjustinbobby.

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Patridge is the last unmarried main star of the series.

just a few weeks after that day at the pool, patridge found herself on set, rubbing elbows with conrad and montag daily.-man band: justin bobby - pictured performing about four months ago - has formed a band with drummer dave dariani called bobby rock.

the actor, hairstylist and musician dished on former co-starsaudrina patridge, spencer pratt, and the circus that was the hills.

The duo was spotted out and about in Los Angeles on Wednesday doing a bit of shopping at Toys R Us and looking cute and couple-y.

Gamble was the perfect gentleman, pushing Jenner’s cart around as they picked out Easter gifts for her grandchildren.

The hair cutter, now 32, hasn't spoken to Audrina, 29, for years, but he still has a soft spot for the pretty ...

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