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At that point, the couple had reportedly been dating for about three months.Markle’s brother said that her dad knew about their relationship all along.After days going upon weeks of media coverage of her hosted the Prince at her home, the Royal Palace finally released a statement confirming the news, and in doing so called out what they believed to be sexist and racist undertones in the media coverage of the relationship.We cite The Independent below: In an unprecedented move, Prince Harry released a statement criticising the serious invasion of privacy the Suits actress has endured since it became apparent they were in a relationship.Contrary to earlier reports that the prince cancelled his trip, Harry was already in Toronto when news of their relationship leaked over the weekend.According to Us Weekly, Harry arrived at Pearson International Airport in Toronto on a commercial flight on October 28.Until ESPN College Gameday visited Northwestern on October 5th of 2013, I had no clue who Meghan Markle even was.For some reason, not one, but two Gameday goers dedicated signs to Rachel Markle, the birth name or given name of the actress. The Gameday signs propelled me to do some research and write a post about her, and now, three years later, this Meghan Markle post is burning up my traffic stats this week. Meghan Markle is now galavanting around with royalty, according to…well, the entire news industry with a world web presence.

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He is close to Pippa and has been invited to her wedding and has obviously been given a plus one.

The actress has been living in Toronto since she landed a role in the drama series Suits. The prince is still believed to be in Canada at the moment.

It was earlier reported that Markle had traveled to London several times already since she and Harry met in May.

Harry is adamant that he wants to take Meghan with him."The source told the U. publication that although it's not a traditional royal match, the Prince "is in love and times are changing." Some insiders have said Harry is even pushing ahead with engagement plans soon!

Meghan met the Prince in May 2016 in Canada where he was promoting the Invictus Games for injured former veterans.

We can imagine how that conversation went: “Hey, Dad, I’m hooking up with a prince and he’s awesome and we’re probably going to be hounded by papz now.

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