Melting pot tucson speed dating


These delicious creations are followed by the main course, which features your choice of seasoned steak, chicken, seafood, and vegetables you can cook yourself in several spices. We have chocolate fondue options that are sure to satisfy any sweet craving.

Whether you want to enjoy a Sunday brunch or stay late for happy hour, the Union Public House is the perfect spot.

But you don't have to be in college or overindulge to like this kicked-back diner.

Anyone who has ever sought comfort in a plate of cheese-smothered tater tots--and who hasn't? There's no shortage of places to get a good cowboy steak in Tucson, but The Horseshoe Grill still manages to set itself apart.

Sure, there are plenty of bars, clubs and unattached folks around the University of Arizona area, but what happens when you mature past that demographic?

Hang around there too long and you'll risk being slapped with the "creepy" label.

A study in blacks, grays, and reds in the Tucson foothills, Ginza Sushi and Izakaya restaurant provides a dramatic backdrop for Chef Jun Arai, whose skillful slicing, dicing, and spicing at the sushi bar make for impressive dinner (and lunch) theater.

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