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If you’re a fan of Channel 4’s First Dates and The Undateables, there’s a surprisingly similar style at play in the opening episode of new show Extremely British Muslims.

The Foreign Office says Mr Johnson's statement was based on an explanation he was given by the White House.

But a UK Government spokesman insisted the FCO guidance "was cleared by the top team in the White House and they are in charge".

“This is the problem,” says 30 year-old Nayera, who’s on the lookout for a husband at a dating event.

“You’ve got these two cultures, and trying to find the common ground between them can be a discussion you need to have, I think.” Will a match-making event for Muslims help her find someone she connects with on a personal and faith-based level?

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said on Sunday night that he had received assurances from the US that the “Muslim ban” would only apply to UK dual nationals travelling from the listed countries to the US.

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