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sermon part 1 of 2 - by paul washer - biblical views not american.

Description: This message is three short messages put together into one.

For those of you interested, yes he is witnessing to everyone, even the hospital chaplains," he noted in a tweet last Wednesday.

He noted a day later that while discussing the heart attack with Washer, the missionary told him: "I'm like Buck on Ice Age, 'I died, but then I lived.'"The missionary's life-threatening emergency was first highlighted by Jhonattan MadueƱo at about 11 p.m.

Hite later told CP that the heart attack happened earlier at Washer's Virginia home but would not confirm what the beloved missionary was doing at the time of the attack."No doctor expected, based on his health, for him to have a heart attack," Hite said.Wish I would have only followed such a pattern in growing up when it came to dating.I know this will be a message that I will replay a few more times in the future.This is a very strong message but very important to listen to when we have almost lost all bibilcal instruction and decency in this area of courtship.I'm 36 now and have to say I was extremely impressed with everything Paul had to say in this message.Brother Washer is the founder of Heart Cry Missionary society that funds and supports indigenous missionaries all across the world.

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