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Wood said the note from Brians indicated there was a romantic relationship between the teacher and the boy. (The allegations) came out of the blue.” Murphy stressed the teacher was innocent until proven guilty, but added, “It’s very important for our Board of Trustees and teachers that the public know that students are safe and in an orderly environment.” Some students at the middle school are coming to Brians’ defense.“We’re just in shock and disbelief,” principal James Murphy told the Bakersfield Californian. Steve Carranza, 13, is an eighth-grader who had Brians as a homeroom teacher last year.

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Targow, under appointment by the Supreme Court, for Defendant and Appellant. Defendant, who was unemployed and did not have a car, lived with his girlfriend, Zenobia Findley, and her brother in an apartment less than a mile away from Bucholz and Manning's apartment. Rptr.3d 673, 232 P.3d 663.) The court observed that by the time the trial court heard the Batson motion, the prosecutor had accepted two black panelists: one “was employed as a school resource officer in a position ‘akin to law enforcement’ “ (id.

Farrell, Assistant Attorney General, Harry Joseph Colombo, William K. Following a mistrial, a jury convicted defendant Willie Leo Harris of the first degree murder (§§ 187, subd. Defendant sought a romantic relationship with Bucholz, which she refused, but they remained friends. Rptr.3d 673, 232 P.3d 663), and the other “favored the death penalty” (id.

Facts On May 20, 1997, defendant entered Alicia Manning's apartment and raped and killed her. Defendant told the police he had had consensual sex with Manning on the night of her murder, but denied killing her. Manning had been seriously dating her boyfriend, Charles Hill, for a year, and had known him for over three years. Abdush–Shakur (10th Cir.2006) 465 F.3d 458, 470 [“Striking two out of three minority panel members ․ is sufficient to satisfy a defendant's prima facie Batson claim, especially when the jurors were apparently the only two stricken.”]; Heno v. Roan Eagle (8th Cir.1989) 867 F.2d 436, 441 [prima facie case where defendant was American Indian and prosecution struck the lone American–Indian panelist]; United States v.

Alicia Manning In 1997, Alicia Manning was a college senior living in a Bakersfield apartment with her friend and fellow student, Thea Bucholz. Rptr.3d 673, 232 P.3d 663.) But the court undertook no comparative juror analysis to determine whether the hypothesized reasons, such as one black juror's purported “reluctance to resolve conflicts in the evidence and discomfort with scientific evidence” (id. A fifth black juror who was struck in Hartsch was “a supporter of the death penalty who believed it was imposed ‘too seldom’ “ and “gave no responses in her questionnaire that would plainly appear to have given a prosecutor pause.” (Hartsch, supra, 49 Cal.4th at p. Rptr.3d 673, 232 P.3d 663.) The court acknowledged that “the objective factors supporting the challenge ․ are unclear.” (Id. Collins (9th Cir.2009) 551 F.3d 914, 921–923 (Collins ) [prima facie case where prosecution struck the only black prospective juror, who was not questioned at length by the prosecution and appeared in general to be similarly situated to other jurors who were allowed to serve]; United States v. Hanks (7th Cir.1999) 172 F.3d 983, 985 [prima facie case where prosecution struck the only black venireman, voir dire was “perfunctory,” and juror had not given “an answer that would expose a clear basis for the state to want to remove him”]; United States v.

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