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We often forget we may be different from the rest of the world but we're all special in our own ways.

We keep trying to please people, make them fall in love with us, longing for that validation that will make us feel at ease.

This mistake is paid for with the high price of a heavy heart and great disappointment.

This set of characteristics draws from the theory of psychological types first introduced by Carl Jung and later popularized by Isabel Briggs Myers.The informational characteristics constitute the basis of a persons informational interaction with the external world and determine the orientation of information, the perception of information, the way of processing information and the form of its implementation." ~Isabel Briggs Myers We spend our entire lives wondering why we are the way they are, curbing our desires, cursing ourselves for our flaws and ignoring our strengths, forcing ourselves to fit into moulds, and not letting ourselves be who we are.Some find love at first sight, others require a lengthy dating process to find their true soul mate, while some may even never end up finding “the one”.Although relationships often end up working out, if it does turn out to have been a mistake, it is often realized too late.The results are said to be so accurate, they'll lay your whole life down in front of your eyes.

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