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While most drownings of infants under a year of age occur in bathtubs, buckets, or toilets, most drownings of children 1-4 years of age occur in residential swimming pools.

The facts surrounding the drownings of young children in residential pools can send a chill down any parent's spine: If you have a pool at home, be sure it is as safe as possible.

Sport/Event: Swimming, 200m individual medley, 100m breaststroke & 200m breaststroke Date and Place of Birth: 21 March 1992, Lincoln, UK Coached by: Dave Mc Nulty / Graeme Antwhistle Date Arrived at Team Bath: December 2012 Clubs: Lincoln Vulcans, British Gas GBR National Performance Centre, Bath Occupation: Athlete Biography: Sophie produced a terrific swim to take 200m individual medley silver at the 2012 Olympic Trials and secure a place to compete at her first Olympic Games. Read more Was one of Britain’s most successful swimmers on the world stage before transferring her loyalties to New Zealand.

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In other types of team sports there may not be an opposing team or point scoring, for example, mountaineering.

Instead of points scored against an opposing team, the relative difficulty of the climb or walk is the measure of the achievement.

In some sports where participants are entered by a team, they do not only compete against members of other teams but also against each other for points towards championship standings. In cycling however, team members whilst still in competition with each other, will also work towards assisting one, usually a specialist, member of the team to the highest possible finishing position.

A team sport includes any sport which involves two or more players working together towards a shared objective.

A team sport is an activity in which individuals are organized into opposing teams which compete to win.

Keep your eyes ready for the movie's premiere on Memorial Day weekend of 2017—and until then, meet the beautiful ladies of of actress Ilfenesh Hadera will play Stephanie Holden—Alexandra Paul's old role in the TV series and the romantic interest for Johnson’s character Mitch Buchannon. And seeing as she's playing my love interest—my f*cked up calloused hands are the ONLY HANDS allowed to rub suntan oil on her skin." The Spanish-Mexican singer—typically known just as Belinda—will have a supporting role in the film as "Carmen." She should have no problem slipping into a bathing suit, if her Instagram account is any indication.

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