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After a few days of silence, even the most persistent prospects usually get the message. Carter says that the slow fade has happened to her more times than she’d like to admit.

“It really makes you feel insignificant,” says the 29-year-old.

Breaking up has always been hard to do — but these days, it’s easier than ever to just slink away.

Rather than having the tired “It’s not you, it’s me” conversation, singles are ending relationships simply by not replying to their partner’s texts. Exhibit A: Victoria Carter, a TV location scout from Williamsburg.

“Like whatever was going on between me and whoever it was going on with wasn’t even worth the time it takes to end it.” And even though Carter once tried to “slow fade” someone, she claims the practice didn’t stick with her.

“I’d been seeing this dude for a while, and at first I was really into him,” she says.

“But then I realized I actually found him kind of insufferable, and the thing I was most attracted to was actually his attraction to me.” She did, however, eventually bite the bullet and break up with him over the phone.

“He was fine about it — kind of patronizing, actually.

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