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Software distributed on bootable discs is often available for download in ISO image format and is written on, or “burned” to, a CD, DVD, or a USB flash drive with any capable software.Use this guide to easily create an installer for your favorite Linux operating system (not larger than USB drive size) on a USB drive.That led to sharing his creation and following up on user suggestions to improve it. This is not so evident from the website -- but it is there.In its current form, Zenwalk has a Slackware lineage, but it is more of its own thing than a Slackware thing.Zenwalk isn’t competing in that space: it’s intended for installation.

If you downloaded your favorite Linux Operating System, most likely, it will be an ISO file (archive, disk image).Zenwalk Linux is a very usable yet uncommon Linux OS. The developmental path and sketchy developer website may cast an unfavorable impression about Zenwalk's trustworthiness as a serious computing platform.The ho-hum impression when first running the live edition does little to encourage users to take this Linux OS for a stroll.Zenwalk Linux becomes a bit more impressive once you get beyond the awkward first-time experience, but it comes with a number of problems that might be prohibitive for a new user looking for an all-purpose Linux OS.Zenwalk creator Jean-Philippe Guillemin built this Linux OS as a sort of customized computing tool so he could stop repeating the same modifications on systems after each new installation -- you know, things like recompiling a more optimized and up-to-date kernel, removing numerous unused software and libraries, customizing the desktop and such.Zenwalk uses “netpkg” to install, remove, and update applications, which although it does feature categories, doesn’t really distinguish among security updates, bug fixes, and just regular updates. To get the most out of the repository, enable “extra packages”.

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