Who is rebecca loos dating

Spanish-born Loos, Beckham's PA at the time, alleged that the two had a four-month fling after he moved to Real Madrid in 2003 and her explosive story rocked one of the highest profile marriages in showbusiness.

The first woman to claim she was David Beckham's mistress said last night she still adores him. I mean he is not my type of guy, I never go for looks or image type people, so it took a while before that attraction built."When I first met him it was the David Beckham we all see - the gold chains, the watches, all that."Miss Loos said she had been working in sports PR on the tennis circuit for four years with the company SFX but was pleased to get the transfer to Madrid to look after the Beckhams."I was delighted. I was over the moon."On Beckham The player was lonely, she said, and missing his family.

In 2006, she played for the England Women's football team in a Sky TV charity event.

In April of the same year, Loos ran the London Marathon, and raised more than £7,000 in sponsorship for the British Red Cross, and later in May appeared in The X Factor: Battle of the Stars along with James Hewitt – in which she famously received a negative reception from judge Sharon Osbourne and the show's audience alike.

It was the first time, we were just locked into each other all night conversation wise. People noticed it."She said they had finished dinner late that night and decided to go on to a club.

The New York rapper who became inextricably linked with Victoria Beckham has denied for the first time he had an affair with her.

As Rebecca Loos went on television to claim she knew an "intimate" secret about David Beckham that would prove they were lovers, Damon Dash spoke out about his own relationship with Victoria.

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is a Spanish-born Anglo-Dutch glamour model and media personality, who came to media attention following claims that she conducted an affair with the married footballer David Beckham while employed as the Beckham's personal assistant.

The hip-hop producer, who helped her to kick-start her flagging pop career, spent so much time with her when they were working together - and when they were not - it prompted speculation about problems in the Beckham marriage.

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