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Back then Yahoo did not offer too many services, but it did good with whatever it did.

While Yahoo Search may have not been on everyone’s bookmark list, Yahoo Mail was.

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Most of the doomed features — Public Chat Rooms, Pingbox and Windows Live Messenger interoperability — will be axed on 14 December.The feature has effectively been phased out over recent years, with users losing the ability to create new rooms.Pingbox is a box that can be embedded on a webpage, allowing visitors to send instant messages to the page's owner. Weirdly, Yahoo said in its post that Microsoft contacts would still appear in the Yahoo Messenger contacts list, but greyed out and uncontactable.Let’ see if we can convince you to ditch MSN for one of these other IM clients.Pidgin – Only recently this client was known as Gaim, until it was forced by legal constraints to give up the name.With typing indicator, users will be able to see when the person they are chatting with starts typing.

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